Climate Change Awareness Sessions

  • For corporates, institutions, residential societies and informal groups

    We use Systems Thinking based models to enable groups and organisations to understand their impact on the environment. Awareness sessions result in action planning and lead to specific changes that can be brought about.

Circular Projects

  • We work on projects which have a circular impact on the lives of various stakeholders (Current projects include Tree plantation, Vocational training for women on tailoring, making baskets out of bamboo, making cloth bags, cloth sanitary pads etc.)

Capacity Building

  • We empower students and women to get involved in meaningful work leading to high impact outcomes in their space

Through our 8-week long online Earth Ninjas Fellowship program for children between 11-15 years of age and our online courses for adults, we offer a deep understanding of our inter-connectedness based on Systems Thinking. Groups are encouraged to contact us for custom / offline programs as well, by writing in to