Key Projects


In our endeavor for a greener future, our Afforestation project strives to create lush greenery through mass plantation drives. With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and combating climate change, this initiative contributes to a pollution-free environment for future generations. Despite lockdown challenges, we have successfully planted over 500 trees in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand by collaborating with local networks and leveraging the plantation season. Our efforts aim to make a significant environmental impact.

Sapna Ranch – An initiative started in 2010 by scientist Hasmukh Sapnawala, is a wilderness farm in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. It fosters children’s holistic development as problem solvers, promoting awareness and action on issues like climate change and gender inequality. With over 30 years of experience in emerging technology projects, Hasmukh Sapnawala provides a space for children to learn about nature, eco-friendly living, and harmony with the environment. Over 300 volunteers and 500 families have participated in self-guided activities, experiencing the joy of ‘learning by doing.’ The farm operates sustainably with solar power, wind energy, and organic plants. Donations support Sapna Ranch’s operational costs to nurture children’s learning and growth.


Vocational Skills Training

Supporting gender equality and empowering women is the key fundamental to a sustainable world. Our in-person tailoring classes in Mumbai aim to primarily upgrade the economic growth of underprivileged women. We teach them how to stitch eco-friendly cloth-based sanitary pads & cloth bags using old bedsheets to lead a dignified livelihood. We have also hosted virtual sessions from Sikkim on sustainable menstruation & hygiene to spread health awareness.

Paper bags are not only biodegradable but also renewable. Making paper bags requires fewer resources and energy than plastic bags, minimizing our carbon footprint. Additionally, paper bags can be easily recycled, ensuring a continuous reuse cycle and reducing waste in landfills. By embracing paper bags as an eco-friendly alternative, we take an essential step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.



This innovative flagship initiative of ours is based on principles of Circle Work for both elderly & middle-aged women. We are the convenors of “Women Circles” in organizations and communities and work in various settings to provide women with a safe space to explore different options for self-development. This community bonding empowers them to be their confident selves and lead happier lives.

Women’s circles help to provide a safe space for women to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Within these circles, women support and uplift each other, fostering a sense of connection, remembering their self-worth, finding their voice, embrace the different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that each woman brings. These circles help women recognize the inherent strength and wisdom that lies within them. Engaging through meaningful conversations they cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and become catalysts for positive change, igniting a ripple effect of empowerment, compassion, and harmony in the world around them.


Holistic Wellness Festival

Zemyna Foundation is supportive of creating positive social changes. In order to work towards bringing change in our community, we have been associated with like-minded individuals and organizations who are passionate about creating a social impact.


In collaboration with HealClinic, we organized the following sessions:

Sujok Therapy Basic

Sujok is a healing methodology based on the principles of acupressure, wherein we use our hands and feet to heal since they represent our entire body in miniature, a mirror image of the whole body.
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Soul Contract Reading

A session with healer Neelu on learning to create big differences in our relationships, how to deal with them, and whom to attract in our lives.
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Setting Boundaries

A session for women was conducted by healer Kavita Freedom. The program aimed to help women set healthy boundaries, regain their self-esteem, and become more confident and courageous.
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Live in harmony with your Environment

Healer Ms Anita Vallala offered a workshop on learning to communicate with plants and nature around us in the process of discovering oneself and living in alignment with them.
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Free talk on Inner Child

An event on how the inner child impacts us today. The session helps identify and heal issues from our childhood that are causing challenges in our life in the present.



In collaboration with EBHLE, we offered the following sessions:

Holistic Healing

Learnings from Nature was a seminar about holistic healing in association with facilitator Hasmukh Sapnawala. He shared simple techniques to help declutter the body, mind, and spirit.
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Become new Stay New

Facilitator Saravanan guided participants to learn how to master over their emotions, time, actions, and habits. It helped them tap into their inner wisdom, through which their power over external situations increased naturally
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Holistic Healing Homeopathy

Sensation Method- A healing session in association with homeopathy practitioner Dr. Atul Abhyankar explaining his holistic approach to health management when treating patients.
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Social Dis_Dance_Singing

Facilitator Silvana guided participants in an embodied meditation using the map of movement medicine.
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Nithya Shanti Foundation

In partnership with the Nithya Shanti Foundation, we offered

New Moon and Full Moon Practices on the themes of Daily practices for holistic wellness

Brahmaviharas for holistic emotional well-being

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) Process for Wellbeing.

Other Workshops

In partnership with Ms.Hema Badlani, an ICF-certified coach. She integrates her knowledge of bio-spiritual and bio-physiological to bring transformation for human consciousness individually and collectively in this session.

A comprehensive workshop in partnership with Ms. Suma Varughese which helped participants to explore journal writing not just to heal, but to transform, and to arrive at deeper levels of clarity, and understanding.


In association with Swayoga, a live virtual session conducted by Mr.Debiprasad Pramanik & Mr.Fidji Milet on the Yogic approach to health through yogic practices.

An inspiring discussion hosted by Awareness Foundation with experts in the field, working with the diversity of life forms, elements, consciousness, health, social systems, and the human body.

In collaboration with Awareness Foundation, we celebrated International Yoga day with an awareness special talk session by Cdr. Raghuvansh Sharma.

Hosted by Aakanksha and Sonika, in collaboration with Paarijaat a workshop designed to be in a circle and to draw from our own, each other’s, and nature’s wisdom through the FlowGame.

Earth Ninjas Fellowship

We believe that fostering a connection between children with nature will help them grow as responsible global citizens. Our Earth Ninjas Fellowship Program introduces young adults to the Systems Thinking approach.
Inviting Earth Ninjas to join us in making our world a cleaner, happier, better place!  

Inviting Earth Ninjas to join us in making our world a cleaner, happier, better place!

Zemyna Foundation invites children between the ages of 11-15 to join us for an 8-week Fellowship Program, where you will gain an applied understanding of Systems Thinking (which is, simply put, seeing the connections and relationships between the different parts of the whole) and learn how to best serve the environment by way of experiential projects.

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Through the 8 weeks, Fellows will: Learn, Act, and Share by working on their chosen projects.

Phase 1:


Explore Interconnectedness

Phase 2:


Meaningful Projects

Phase 3


Spread the Word

Eligibility Criteria

Selection Criteria

A brief email recommendation from two references – ideal references would be from

  1. Someone that the applicant has worked with on a project
  2. Teachers
  3. Someone else that the applicant has been around for an extended duration of time (preferably not parents/family members).