Awakening humanity to our interconnectedness

About Us

Zemyna Foundation was set up in 2019 with a vision to strengthen our bond with the Earth by, awakening humanity to our interconnectedness, inspiring actions and engaging communities for social transformation. Our belief in compassion drives us to restore the planet and foster thriving conditions for future generations.

Focus Areas

Our key focus areas of Education, Environment and Women Empowerment are aligned with the UN sustainable development goals (UNSDGs) and we have been catalyzing change in diverse communities through circle-work, film screenings, mini-workshops, vocational training, and afforestation projects to name a few.

While we were faced with the challenge of continuing our work during the pandemic, we were able to creatively deploy our resources for driving change.


We are an organization striving to bring compassion to our education system. We work in close collaboration with educational institutions, school leaders, educators, policymakers, and parents. We are committed to engaging with schools for conducting programs on Mindfulness & Compassion.


We are a catalyst for awakening the consciousness of people towards adopting earth-friendly practices. We work with institutions, corporates, communities, and policymakers in innovative ways to create awareness about sustainable practices and assist people in making the correct choices.


Women empowerment

We are the convenors of ‘Women Circles,’ providing women with a safe space to explore options for self-development. This community bonding empowers them to be confident and lead happier lives. Our flagship initiative in Mumbai is based on Circle Work principles for both elderly and middle-aged women.

The Team

Namrata Arora

Founder and Director

A spiritual eco-feminist, Namrata is the Founding Director of Zemyna Foundation, Director and Global Board Member of Systems and Complexity in Organisations (SCiO) and Founder/Director of Life Beyond Motherhood (now Enactive Systems). Passionate about Inclusion and Belonging, Women Empowerment and Environment issues, Namrata brings with her 23 years of experience, including a corporate career in organizational learning and development, DEIB Consulting, Systems Thinking Research, Circle Convening, Community “Weaving”, Conscious Living Coaching, Workshop Facilitation, Writing and Public Speaking. Life Positive Magazine’s 24th Anniversary edition (April 2020) recognised her as one of India’s 14 influential drivers of social change.

Deepti Arora

Director Programs

Deepti advocates conversations, embracing discomfort to dismantle patriarchy and explore personal identities. Intrigued by the intersection of the physical and metaphysical, she guides individuals towards balance in daily life. With experience in corporate and entrepreneurial realms, Deepti’s passion for wellness and coaching led her to specialize in holistic health. As an NLP coach and mind-body therapist, she serves professionals and entrepreneurs, emphasizing mindfulness, emotional well-being, and work-life balance. In 2016, Deepti established Healclinic (, a wellness platform that addresses physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Aruna Lakshmanan

Content and Outreach Head

Aruna is a Content Writing professional with over 12 years of work experience across different domains. In addition to developing web content and company presentations, she maintains social media posts and campaigns related to Zemyna Foundation. She is also passionate about providing support and guidance to students who join us for an internship program. When not working, she enjoys sketching, painting, gardening, and cooking.